Safe Families For Children Training Day
If you are interested in helping families in need by:
     – hosting a child in your home
     – coaching host parents and parents in need
     – encouraging and supporting host families 
     – providing resources to host families and families in need
Or….if you’re interested in learning more about Safe Families…
When a crisis strikes, many of us rely on relatives and friends for  support.  But for some families, poverty and social isolation mean that they have no support when they need it.
Children in these situations often suffer neglect or abuse; some eventually are removed from their home and placed in state custody.  Safe Families for Children provides a chance for parents to get back on their feet before abuse and neglect occur.
Parents experiencing a temporary crisis can arrange for their children to stay with families while they address the issues that led to their situation.

Be a Host Family – Voluntarily host children in your home on a temporary basis


Be a Family Friend – Encourage and support host families and families in need


Be a Resource Friend – Provide goods and services to families in need


Be a Family Coach – Help families in need reach their goals and provide encouragement to host families


Donate – Your financial support keeps children safe and families intact


Pray – Pray for families in crisis, our volunteers, and the movement
To attend an informational meeting to learn about Safe Families for Children:
For more information about the ways you can get involved and to apply:
If you’d like to financially support Safe Families for Children in Maine: