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  • EQUIP women in the study and application of God’s word so as to be transformed by the image of Christ,
  • ENCOURAGE women to use the unique gifts He has given them for the edification of the body, and
  • EXTEND our outreach to the community with opportunities to share the gospel.
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May 25th

Be Still

Faith and Science

April 7th



Hi Ladies of EBC

I trust you are doing well as you lean into Jehovah Jireh, the One Who Sees and Provides!   Here’s another opportunity  to be in God’s Word  ’together’:

Interested in studying the life and letters of Peter in the month of June?  

Here’s your chance to dive into Scripture along with Sharon Gamble and many others through an on-line study that Sharon calls “Grace Lessons”.    She will be sharing the 4R Method used at Sweet Selah Ministries. So simple and yet so transforming!  All you need for this study is a Bible, notebook and pen!

Head over to Grace Lessons on the Sweet Selah Ministries page to find out how you and/or a group of your girlfriends can study the life of this Peter, who went from being a rough and ready fisherman named Simon to a grace-filled martyr of the faith.  

Link to Sweet Selah website – Click here

Link to Sweet Selah Facebook page – Click here

You can also contact Sharon directly and let her know you’re interested…Sharon@sweetselah.org



RENEW 2020
Save The Date
Saturday, October 24th, 2020
Find us on Instagram – @ebcrenew

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Are you concerned about your kids? Mom’s in Prayer groups meet for just one hour a week. Mothers, grandmothers, aunts and teachers are welcome to come learn how to pray for the children they love using scripture as a prayer tool. If your children are in a school or college, you will also be able to pray for their teachers, curriculum, and all that touches their lives in the academic world. There’s so much joy and comfort knowing our children are covered in prayer!




Pat Rohm
Maine State Coordinator
Moms in Prayer International

To learn more, go to www.MomsInPrayer.org

EBC MOM’s In Prayer Group
Monday, at 10:00 am, Mom’s, Grandma’s and Aunt’s from all area schools are welcome to join a prayer group at Eliot Baptist Church.  
The prayer time will be in downstairs in Fellowship Room #2.
Contact Pat Rohm (contact info above) if you have any questions.